Approval Noú║GYZZ H19990362
Featuresú║It can be applied to treating acute cerebral infarction
  • Specificationú║100 tablets/bottle
    Approval Noú║GYZZ Z35020649
    Featuresú║Feature: lower blood fat. Applied to treatment of hyperlipidemia and adjunctive treatment of coronary heart disease and hypertension
  • Specificationú║0.2g
    Approval Noú║GYZZ Z10940009
    Featuresú║Features: stop bleeding, ease pain, active activate blood circulation and disperse blood stasis. Applicable to injuries from falls, bleeding wound, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and slight bleeding caused by inflammation
  • Specificationú║1g
    Approval Noú║GYZZ H20020352
    Featuresú║[Chemical name] sodium 2-[4-[(2-Oxocyclopentyl)methyl]phenyl] propanoate dihydrate
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